The Location:

Every city over a period develops its own prime location. Baroda’s location is the Race Course area. Green Low- lying.( No tail structures. All bungalows) Preferred by the elite and of course connected to the business pulse of Baroda by a nerve called R.C. Dutt Road. It is in this location that ‘ Aishwarya’ will stand. And of course your home. ‘Aishwarious’ isn’t?

The Layout:

Buildings today compete with each other to race to the skies with barely any space between them. Resulting in its inhabitants being trespassed. Imagine somebody’s balcony looking into somebody’s bedroom. Or someone’s kitchen getting a live account of someone else’s living room. And so on and so forth. Remember, all this when one is paying steep real estate prices.

This exactly what ‘Aishwarya’ doesn’t offer. Caressed by fresh breezes from the Arabian sea and bathed in rich sunlight. Not blocked by any tall structures around. It even boasts of a 20,000 sq. ft garden behind it. To put it technically 80% of the plot on which Aishwarya will stand is kept open including the 35% garden. And only 20% will be construction area. Ain’t that luxurious!

All these are our attempts at cushioning your life. At adding a little luxury wherever possible. For we at Jayraj believe ‘Aishwarya’ is our tribute to all those hard working men and women who in their own way are fighting life. With all its rough edges. Sand textures and rocky terrain and winning.

To them we bow in admiration.

To their life we add the cushion of ‘Aishwarya’

“It would be something if everything we made encouraged people to become more closely acquainted with their surroundings, with each other and with themselves. One become attached to things only when one is able to relate to them, when so  much of one’s own, efforts has gone into them that they become one’s own, incorporated into one’s own world of experience.

The more involved a person is in the shaping of his surroundings, the more appropriate they become and the more easily appropriated by him.Just as man takes possession of his surrounding,they take possession of him”

Due to these factors the architectural planning & layouts of houses within Aishwarya have incorporated suggestions by the customers of jayraj builders in their earlier projects. The internal layout of all flats facilities easy movement & circulation and spaces for utilities normally overlooked, are provided for.

The most inherent factor whilst planning was to give-each flat an unrestricted view of the surroundings which are open as far as the eye can see, since the site is essentially surrounded by low rise bungalows and building, which is achieved by designing an ‘L’ shaped building with all outward looking flats. In the planning of Aishwarya we have deviated from the restrictive nature of most house in high rise buildings which do not have any accessible open space from within the house. The larger flats at the ends of Aishwarya have large 100sq.ft open terraces, stimulating gardens that front bungalows , thus forming ‘ garden in the sky’.

Most of the smaller flats too, have open to sky terraces , an essential requirement for the Indian way of living.

Needless to say, the Penthouse designed are virtually bunglows in the sky, each with double height living rooms, large rooms, large entrance lobbies, large bedrooms, master bedrooms with dressing room, spacious toilet, separate servants room, and more than 1500sq.ft terrace gardens.

Flooring: Granite in living and dining rooms and passage. Marble in all other rooms.

Walls: Coloured glazed tiles upto 7’-0 heights in bathrooms and 4’ – 0 above kitchen platform.White washed internal walls for bright & pristine environment.

Electrical: Concealed copper wiring, standard accessories with 3 phase wiring. Provision of 15 amp point in kitchen, for refrigerator & in bathroom for refrigerator & in bathroom for geyser. Provision of one fan, tubelight in each flat.

Doors & Windows: Beautifully designed main door with the provision of a call bell, magic eye, mortice of godrej lock with melamine polish finish & brass handle. All other doors of flush type with standard brass accessories. Heavy section aluminium glazed sliding windows. Plumbing: Concealed with standard C.P. fittings.

Extras for that special touch:

  • 16’sq.ft of granite kitchen platform with stainless seel sink.
  • Marble sills for main door and all windows.
  • Exhaiust fan in kitchen & master bedroom toilet.
  • A bathtub in flats of large area, and penthouses
  • Aquaguard or equivalent water purifier and mini-fire extinguisher in all kitchens.
  • Telephone points in livingroom & master bedroom.
  1. An Indian swimming pool
  2. Club House
  3. A western swimming pool
  4. Jacuzzi
  5. Sauna & Steam
  6. Gymnasium
  7. The Manicured Garden
  8. The Structure
  9. The Junior Play Park
  10. The Porch
  11. He safety
  12. The lifts
  13. The parking
  14. The complex Terrain
  15. The security

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